Sunday 7 July 2024

July 2024 Portfolio Update: Sale of YZJ Finance and Alibaba to buy REITs

I have given up on YZJ Finance as it moves back to its maritime fund. The company does not seem to be able to move beyond its core. Its foray into the property shadow lending has led to mis adventures and till now, the company is taking time to redeem it. The cost of capital stuck in China's property segment is poor. I still own YZJ Finance in my CPF OA account.

A portion of Alibaba and Hang Lung were sold, with rotation to safer China/HK property of Link REIT and buying more of Utdhampshire REIT. A new addition is seen in Li Auto that has seen a growth in EV car delivery. It is a top 10 EV producer in the world.

Lastly, I bought more PRIME US Reit, this is a short term bet because the outcome of its debt renewal is due between 15-19 July. If it is successful, it is a good short term purchase. With more REITs being purchased, this is now a 20k dividend portfolio with a good mix of growth stocks 

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