Saturday 16 November 2019

Utilising Grabpay Fully to earn Miles/rebates (Grabpay- Dash - Online Purchase)

As many will be aware, Grab has tied up with a few financial providers such as UOB and AMEX to give upsized cash or airmiles bonus when topping up into Grabpay (UOB/Grab gives extra 5% cashback on all grab related transaction if you meet 3 consecutive month of $500 monthly expenditure; while AMEX gives 3.1 Airmiles per dollar for the first $200 Grab transaction each month , i.e top up)

With such good lobangs, it questions how then can we maximise Grabpay like using it to do online purchases or groceries. I found one such avenues- Singtel Dash.

It works for only Singtel Subscribers

It works for only Singtel Subscribers because it utilises topping up one's own Singtel Dash Account from your Singtel Mobile Bill. Here's how it works:

1) Click on "Top Up" (boxed red) on Singtel Dash App Home Page and you will be prompted to this window.

2) Top Up Using "Singtel Bill" (boxed red).

3) Select your top up amount.

4) In your SingTel Dash Account, you will have a virtual visa account card. Click on it to see your personal Visa Card and its CVV. After which you can use the details to do online purchases such as buying from Lazada/Shopee or other online purchases. For grocery shopping, just look for supermarkets which accept Singtel Dash payment scanning the QR code. As of now, they are NTUC Fairprice, Sheng Siong and Watsons

At the end of the month, your Singtel Bill will be charged the amount you have top up. Pay your Singtel Mobile Bill through the AXS mobile app which allows payment through Grabpay. The method process has been written by the DollarsandSense Team. 

Payment of Singtel Bills are found under the "Bills"--> "General" --> "Singtel" in the AXS mobile app.


Do take note Singtel Dash only allows the maximum topping up of $200 per month. So you can use this method of indirectly using grabpay to buy online purchase or grocery for an amount of $200.

However what you can do if you have a big ticket online purchase coming up which allows Visa cards, is to start topping up $200 each month over a few months to prepare for that purchase.