Monday 20 January 2020

Ways to use Your Grabpay Credits

Now that Grab has banned people from using Grab credits to top up into Multi-Currency Prepaid Cards, people are now looking for other ways to utilise their Grabpay credits; this is especially so for those who still plan to utilise the UOB x Grab rebate or were caught out with the sudden ban by Grab and are stuck with large amount of credits. Below are some ways utilising your Grabpay Mastercard (GPMC) to use up the credits:

Use GPMC with Lazada

The GPMC card can be linked with your lazada account to fund purchases on Lazada, this allows you to "shop the universes" happily while earning outsized cash rebates via the method of topping up your grabpay credits using the UOB one card. In my view, this method is better than Citi Lazada Card which gives a 4.4 mile per dollar.

Use GPMC with Shopee

The GPMC card can be linked with your Shopee account to fund your purchases at Shopee. This means should you have upcoming big ticket items to be purchased, you can use your GPMC to make the purchase (provided you have the credits).

Pay any Big Ticket Item or Recurring Bill Online 

Because many of us do not have the GPMC physical card yet, this means the GPMC is only useful for online shopping. However do not fret, many things can now be bought online and is cheaper than those at physical stores. Hence, if you have plans to switch for a new handphone/laptop, perhaps this is the time to browse online and buy them online using your GPMC.

In addition, you can also link your GPMC to pay recurring bills such as teleco (I have linked my Circles life billing to my GPMC)

So there you have it- some ways to utilise your Grabpay credits. The above should help you to sustain the next few months of topping up into grab to optimally enjoy the grab cashback in your current billing quarter with UOB one card.