A total otaku who loves anime, investing and the occasional K-drama. My financial journey begun at the age of  22 and has revolved around the concepts of "Working Hard", "Saving Well" and "Investing Wisely". Through my journey, I have realized that financial literacy is something we have learnt little during our school days but is one of the most useful and relevant skill that we have to be equipped to take on the real world. Concepts such as compounding and "common sense investing" are skills that will place us ahead of the race to retirement. 

While I may be still a young person and will not have the all the answer, I have decided to not wait any longer to share my experience and thoughts. This is because there will always be individuals pursuing financial goals and require good financial advice which is in very short supply, especially in the financial industry.

Hence, this blog has been created to share with readers technique to maximize savings, my lessons learnt so that you can avoid future financial mistakes. Many articles written are based on my personal experience, other individuals' experiential recounts and are rarely found in textbooks. 

Through the various posts on this blog, I aim to increase the level of financial awareness and literacy among individuals of our society. This is so that we can steer clear of the financial trappings, value destructive products peddled to us which harms our financial freedom. In addition, I wish to show that financial freedom is something achievable and easy.

So enjoy reading this blog!

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