Thursday 9 November 2023

Webull New Account Sign up, few days left! With $1 Deposit for 30 days, Earn USD$100-$5,000

Webull has upgraded its sign up referral whichis the best so far this year! However to get the reward, you must register through this link. Reminder for a few readers who have signed up but not yet funded or fully completed the application to  do so, you are missing out on this awesome reward!

You can receive 10 free fractional shares worth between US$100 to US$5,000 when (i) sign up a new account (via Singpass), (ii) make a deposit of any amount and (iii) keep the amount in webull for 30 days. It is better than many fixed deposits out there because putting in $1 or a few dollars will nett you at least US$100! That's better than any FD. The new fractional shares can be found under the "My rewards" tab

The offer is valid until 15 November 1559hrs. Again, please remember to maintain the amount that you had first deposited for 30 days, then your free shares entitlment will appear under the "rewards tab" on day 30. 

Steps to Sign Up and How to Get the Free Gifts

To qualify for the promotion:

  1. Register through this link
  2. Click on the "5x your reward....", complete the sign up process
  3. Maintain your funds for 30 days and you will get 10 free shares worth between US$100-US$5,000. Confirmed will get at least US$100.
How to Deposit Funds into your new Webull Account:

After your account is approved, it’s time to make a deposit. Inside Webull mobile app, select “menu" at the bottom left of the screen, then clock on the "more" word icon boxed red

Next click "Deposit", boxed red.

There are a few ways to make a deposit: eDDA, Fast or Telegraphic Transfer. 

The eDDA Deposit method is the easiest, where you will authorise Webull to transfer money from your bank account into your Webull account. To use this method, you can select the “eDDA Deposit” option, as a first time deposit, login to your internet banking, and set the transfer limit. 

If you'd prefer to manually transfer funds from your bank account, then you can use the FAST method. However, do note that this option is applicable only for SGD deposits, and you'll need to remember to notify Webull that the transfer has been completed. So the eDDA deposit option is the easiest


How to Redeem Your Free Shares

On the homepage, click "My Rewards" which is boxed green and then claim your free shares there

Disclaimer: I may receive an affiliate/referral fee when you sign up for services/products on this site. I only recommend services/products I am personally using to readers, however I do not provide any warranty or guarantee for the quality of these services/products

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