Monday 6 November 2023

Nov 2023 Portfolio Update: Switching to Yanlord and Sale of Alibaba

As said in my write up on Yanlord, I would reposition to invest in Yanlord instead of Country Garden so as to maintain exposure to the China property market in hopes of a recovery. I have executed it today.

In addition, while Keppacoak REIT has a run up in price, I still feel it is relatively undervalued. Interest rates in USA are unlikely to increase more than 50 basis points which means the dust has settled and we know the all in interest cost of US REITs. Therefore I have sold 10% of my Alibaba holdings and moved a small amount to Keppacoak. The rest was given to Yanlord. Given the run up in REIT prices, I was inclined to invest in Unitedhampshire REIT as well, however, was unable to purchase at my desired prices. 

Below are the updated positions:

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