Saturday 30 March 2024

First Quarter Portfolio Update: Purchase of Nanofilm and China Construction Bank, Sale of Few Companies

While Sea Group has run up in share prices, my holdings in Elite Commerical fell. So its both happiness and sadness. I have sold both of these companies and bought Nanofilm & China Construction Bank. A partial divestment was done for my long held Yangzijiang Financial to fund the nanofilm purchase because nanofilm seems to have better recovery prospects.

Nanofilm is a company that does coating using its unique technology and has factories across Asia with its largest factory in China. It is a proxy to the state of China's manufacturing and consumer activities. In my view, the lowest point in China's manufacturing has past and therefore, I have bought 27,000 shares in Nanofilm. 

China Construction Bank's (CCB) purchase is to maintain a good dividend yield and I do feel the bank's results is strong despite the real estate downturn. CCB has a large segment of its loan book portfolio in real estate and construction. 

Portfolio Valuation

Due to the surprise suspension of dividend by Keppacoak, my portfolio has taken a beating. However, I have not sold off any of my US REIT shares, reason being, I do feel we are at one the lowest end and therefore, holding it will be wiser.

Readers would notice my PRIME US Reit has increased by 30,000 shares. This was not due to a purchase but because these are bonus shares given by the company in its latest year end financial results at no cost.

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