Monday, 11 September 2023

Portfolio Update: Added More PRIME, Keppel Pacific REIT & Country Garden

While the previous update on my portfolio was a short 2 weeks ago, I thought it would be good to provide another update because of many changes:

Optimistic on US Office Space

The US Office space has been beaten down badly due to negative sentiments. However, I feel the risk/reward here is skewed. In USA stock market, the US office REITs are currently valued in the region of 0.4 price book while for Singapore's it is at 0.2 time price book. There is inherently no difference in both countries REITs as they are all 100% situated in USA and there is no tax deduction for being listed in Singapore. Hence my expectations is that the Singapore US Office REITs may be in tune to double from their current share price to close the valuation gap.

Sunbelt Cities

Both PRIME and Keppel Pacific owns office buildings in US sunbelt cities (PRIME approximately 53.8% of its portfolio). These cities are seeing a high uptick of office workers returning to work (higher than national average). 

For Sunbelt cities, the rate of office workers returning to work is higher than national average and this reduces the risk of tenants downsizing of large areas of their current leased office spaces.

Rental rates of US office spaces in these cities has been increasing based on JLL market survey as of end June 2023.

The trough of the US office downturn might be now. Hence I have continued to accumulate more PRIME and Keppel Pacific REIT shares.

Addition of Country Garden

With Country Garden successfully extending its first tranche of bonds, I have doubled my position on it. This is due to my view that more tranches of its bonds will have its maturity extended. In terms of China's Real Estate market, we have seen province governments taking steps to boost housing uptakes by lowering mortgage rates. This is a positive.

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  1. I have 4 out of the 6 stocks in your portfolio. :) If you huat, i will huat too~ Agreed on the US office REIT in the US stock market comment. They have almost recovered to the price before the intense interest rate hike.