Friday 27 December 2019

Updates to the Grabpay Hack - AXS Mobile App payment no longer avaliable

By now, readers will know that Grabpay and Grabpay Mastercard (GPMC) has stopped its link to AXS mobile app payment. This has rendered a significant amount of bills including that of income tax to be no longer payable by Grabpay, as what I highlighted in my last post. This has invalidated the "Singtel Dash" and "AXS Mobile App" method

With that here are some alternative forms, that is still viable with GPMC

Payment of Utilities and Phone Bills, Allows the continued topping up into Singtel Dash

The current method you can use is have an online account with your phone or utility subscriber and pay the bills online. GPMC can be used to pay the bills. I have tried it with paying my Singtel bill and it works. In addition, I am able to accumulate Grab reward points as well. This also means Singtel dash can be topped up.

Payment of School Fees/Hospital Bills/Income Taxes

As mentioned Grab has closed the door shut especially for AXS where we can no longer pay via Grabpay or GPMC. However, a way forward to continue paying this bill is to make the payment at Cardup. Cardup is a platform which converts bills into payment that can be paid by credit cards. However take note Cardup charges a 3.3% fee in this conversion. So the 8% rebate which is previously enjoyed is now cut down to only about 5%. This is a viable method albeit you get lesser rebates.

<This is not a sponsored post for Cardup etc>

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