Wednesday 27 December 2017

Portfolio- Year end update

It has been a while since I last updated my portfolio; in fact I have made many transactions but was lazy to cover them.

Short Term Punts

Bought Sarine Tech at 0.94. Initially, I thought Sarine would be a good deal at 0.94 because it was a low leveraged company with strong cash flow. However, it seems its business condition is deteriorating and I was lucky to offload it at 0.95.

DISA- A penny stock which I noticed trades in the range of 0.012-0.016. Purely speculative, bought 0.013 sold at 0.015.

IPOs- This year I had been fairly lucky as I was allocated shares for the all 2 IPOs i applied- RE&S and No signboard. Following from Mr IPO ratings, they were a hit & run for me in the first day of trading.


The blood of a value investor still runs in me! Fortunately during the past 3 months, I was able to locate one small gem besides accumulating more First Ship Lease Trust - Miyoshi. It is a precision engineering company, which was producing a free cash flow yield of 7+% when I bought it at 0.072. Not very great but I am running out of options in searching for value Gems on the SGX.

I have added Dutech at 0.335. Dutech is in the business of manufacturing ATM machines and safes globally. Recently, its profits has been hampered by the increase in China steel price. I am hoping the company's margins for its product will improve.

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