Monday 20 June 2016

Portfoilo Update in June 16

This month I am on speculation mode.

I have covered my short on Sino Grandness at 0.62 using SBL. You can read my experience here. All in all, I feel SBL is a pretty lousy way to short shares due to the high fees and lengthy process.

In addition, I have purchased Yongnam's rights at 0.001. The company did a rights offering recently where new rights can be exercised at a price of 0.21. Given the company is trying to improve its balance sheet by way of equity raising, I will be watching how the company performs in the upcoming quarterly results. The margins in Q1 seems manageable and the company has turned cashflow positive. Hopefully, this good performance can be carried on to Q2.

Also, I have since sold off World Precision Machinery at 0.31 due to my less optimistic outlook of China. I think the financial situation at China is worsening. Hopefully, it does not turn too bad because demand for commodities (oil and Coal) will be adversely affected. This will indirectly affect my portfolio exposure to the O&G sector.

I am still optimistic on our government's continuous expenditure in infrastructure. I am now exposed to this sector via three companies - Yongnam, TTJ.

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