Sunday 8 May 2016

How the World is Changing

Read an interesting article on And one of the most though-invoking lines from the article was this: 

"In Buffett’s own words, if there is a good business running, there will always be someone else looking to do it in a better way. Competition will always be trying. And competition may be coming from online or mobile."

The disruption we are seeing in Singapore

Unfortunately for many businesses here, serious competition is now sprouting out especially in the P2P sphere. A quick search on the internet reveals some interesting sites.

A portal for home bakers to consumers directly

Need an interesting overseas trinket that can't be found here or is sold too expensive here?

Apparently, the worldwide-web and the ingenious minds behind them are showing that many business can be done in a better way. Even offline, I have made an interesting observation that "Jenny Bakery" is selling its biscuits (in limited quantities) through Hako's locker display at various locations instead of renting a retail store to sell. Now that is a good way to sell.

Even in the banking industry, Goldman Sachs has moved to compete with other online banks by creating their own online savings account. It shows how the concept of traditional brick and mortar branch is under threat and the emerging trend where people need banking services and such services do not require the presence of a physical branch.

With the proliferation of these sites and their innovative solutions offering better convenience and value, it is trying times especially for retail REIT landlords, to continue demanding positive rental reversions. What do readers think?  

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