Monday 21 December 2015

Recent Portfolio Transactions

Due to the loss of Office Starter 2010 on my computer, I have not been able to copy and paste my Excel into my portfolio update. This is why my portfolio on this blog has not been updated. Hence, this post is to highlight my recent purchases with a short review behind their purchase.

Accordia Golf Trust

At the recent low of 50 cents, I have purchased another 10 lots (potential 8% yield at this level). My analysis of AGT can be found here

Kingsmen Creative

I have purchased 10 lots during the recent sell down. The company has a moat due to its good reputation in service delivery within the industry. Its business is in fitting out retail stores and exhibitions; and has recurring customers such as the annual F1 Singapore GP. This serves to show its reputation.

Recently, Kingsmen purchased K Fix and that has affected its cash flow generation ability. The expansion of HQ too will affect Kingsmen's cash flow generation, in turn its dividends. 

Currently, the slowdown in China and Singapore's retail market has resulted in a fall in retail profits. However, in the long run, a rebound of earnings is likely to happen which hopefully means, a return to.its 4 cents annual dividend.

First Ship Lease Trust

Company is experiencing an upturn especially in its product tanker business. Furthermore, I am impressed with the company's current cash flow generation. Investment Moats has written a comprehensive article on it . Purchase of 40 lots.


  1. haha seems a recce position for you. do note the tanker rates. CIMB predicting tanker rates to not do well in 2017, which is when much of FSL ships are due for renewal.

  2. Wow! First Ship Lease! U are a brave man.