Sunday 20 September 2015

Save $25 for the first $60 purchase of online groceries [Only for DBS card members]

Came across this coupon on Honestbee which is only applicable for DBS credit/debit card members.

Sign up before 30th September 2015 to enjoy a one time coupon of $25 discount when you spend a minimum worth of $60 at any single store on Honestbee website. Furthermore, you get free delivery (though you may have to wait 2 weeks or more for your orders)!

Best Way to Utilize

The simplest way is to buy $60 worth of essentials from NTUC Fairprice online via HonestBee. First, draw up a list of essentials your household needs such as 10kg bag of rice, Shampoos, Soaps etc. Then use Honestbee to buy from Fairprice Online to clock $60. It is worth noting a bag of 10kg Rice is $15.50 or $28.50 (Hom Mali Rice grains). So it may be easy to hit $60 if you are stocking on rice or shampoos.

After getting the one time $25 discount, feel free to return to your ordinary grocery shopping habits. In case you are wondering if I benefit from this shout out; I am not receiving any money or "referral credits", just sharing a tip to save some capital to Invest Wisely.

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