Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Fear and Worried seeing the STI at 2500+ for the first time?

For investors who have started their journey from 2012, this is probably your first time seeing the STI index and the rest of the market in such a state of red. Now, you are likely to be worried and fretting over your investments. Well I can relate to that fear to yours.

My first experience

It was during the period of July- Oct 2011 that it happened. The European Debt crisis caused almost every market to open in the red each day. Worried and sleepless nights happened and I often refreshed my screen to see the latest numbers on STI and my investments. Concentration in studies was difficult as the stock market rout pre-occupied my mind

To make it worse, I was speculating through CFD in two positions (Noble and SCI); this made the experience all the worse as they were huge losses. 


No doubt there is fear and worry in me due to the current sell off. But I have been acclimatized.So for first timers, it is really natural for you to be worried in this current climate. Markets move in cycles and not a straight line. Try not to think too much on it or bother refreshing that SGX page every 5 minutes. The sell off will still be there!

So how are you feeling in this market rout, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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