Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Short update to hypothetical and Real portfoilo

Quick Summary

In line with my bearish outlook and following from my post, my hypothetical "insurance arm" has decided to sell off all STI ETF holdings at today's price of 2.83. This means netting a sales proceed of s$1003.90, after  "brokerage fee of Stan Chart and clearing fee rates" Coupled with the 4.6 cents dividend received, Total net proceeds is now $1020.20 and will be placed as cash.

A positive 2.02% was achieved. As per my fund restriction, only the STI ETF can be bought and sold. No other equities can be targeted.

The transaction has been reflected on my "challenge" page.

Real portfolio

I have purchased more stake in FSL trust @ 0.138 today. Not to be a broken recorder, just read my previous latest post to see why I am positive on this stock.

I am aware of the concentration risk and will be managing it. Well, payday is coming, so its just using my March pay to add to FSL trust :)

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