Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Get 15-16% rebate for your first $500 credit card expenditure

DBS Live Fresh card is offering an $80 cashback for new members who sign up for the card online and spend a minimum $500 within their first month of approval. The link is found here


Before you rush off to sign, here are a few things to take note. Firstly, you must be the first 5000 to sign up in that month and two; you must spend at least $500 within the first month of approval. Also, you must not have cancelled your DBS Live Fresh card 6 months prior to the promotion. Please read the full T&C to find out more.

Some will notice this is not the only credit card offering cash bonus as promotion. Similar cards have a “minimum transaction of $xxx” to qualify condition. And you may be put off by the high amount. Here are some strategies to help you.

Plan your expenditure

Every year, there are items we will spend on (be it needs or wants). Hence why not plan your expenditure so that you can stretch the dollar to the fullest.

For example, if you had bought tickets to travel (say Jan next year) and have not booked an accommodation yet, why not sign up for cards such as DBS Live Fresh. Upon receiving the card, you can immediately proceed to rent a room via Airbnb or book a hotel room online as accommodation. In addition, for new sign up members, DBS Live Fresh is offering 6% cashback on online transactions (min spend of $500 needed) and DBS points for a limited period of time. You will be getting up to 22% rebates.

If one is meticulous in planning expenses, we can stretch our dollar to the fullest. For example, we can use the credit card to pay for expenditures on necessities (such as grocery, mobile phone bills or EZ link uto reload) or for others like a new mobile phone during re contract. If we can plan for all these to happen within the first month of credit card approval and subsequently hit the region of $500 perfectly to qualify for the $80 cash rebate. How nice would it be to know DBS is paying approximately 16% for our expenses ( necessities or otherwise)!

After hitting the $500 spending criteria, you may set it aside and use your preferred credit card.

When to sign up

I can’t emphasis this more. Please read the Terms and Conditions as they may be extra terms such as “the first 500 or 5000 sign ups”. If you encounter such terms, it is good to sign up for these cards at only the early stages of the month to obtain the highest chance. Hence if you think you do not have a high chance of being the first 5,000; wait for the next month etc. Furthermore, there are some expenditure which are excluded from the "$500 spending criteria", so please read carefully.

Other cards

So there you have it, plan plan plan your expenditure wisely! Then hunt for credit cards and you will be able to stretch your dollar to the maximum. Do note this post is not a paid advertisement; DBS Live Fresh was chosen because it offers the highest percentage rebate. The POSB Everyday card offers similar promotion for online sign up. There are other cards which offer similar sign up promotions such as ANZ and Standard Chartered.   

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